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Our mission is to develop a collaborative global network of Alpha-1 patient leaders, physicians, and researchers, to increase awareness, detection, and access to care for Alphas around the world.


webinarsStarting in 2018, Alpha-1 Global will host multiple webinars and video presentations with experts in several areas that cover a wide range of topics related to Alpha-1 Antitryspin Deficiency (Alpha-1), such as community leaders and medical experts.

Recordings from webinars and video presentations will be made available for your review on Alpha-1 Global’s YouTube Channel.

2021 Alpha-1 Global Patient Advocacy Webinar

Alpha-1 Global held this patient-focused advocacy webinar on 26 February 2021 for Alpha-1 patients to learn the principles of patient advocacy, as well as best practices. Geraldine Kelly, President and CEO of Alpha-1 Foundation Ireland, presented on her organisation’s recent activities during the pandemic and provided a COVID-19 update from her country. Click to watch.

Alpha-1 Lung Transplantation Video Presentation

Featured speaker: Professor Gregory Snell, MBBS, FRACP, MD, OAM, Medical Head of the Lung Transplant Service at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Click to watch.


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