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12th ALAT Congress

Panama City was the location of the 12th ALAT Congress, by the Latin American Thoracic Society (Asociación Latinoamericana de Tórax, ALAT), July 3-6, 2019.

In collaboration with the Fundación Lovexair, Alpha-1 Global supported this initiative and had representation at the event.

The event was aimed at gathering patients, healthcare professionals, and patient organizations in the same space to spread awareness about respiratory diseases and raise the voice of the patient community and their caregivers and families.

One of the main goals of the Congress was to define a plan of action to promote respiratory health throughout Latin America, while educating healthcare professionals and the general public on the latest scientific advancements and practical advice throughout the region.

On July 4-5, the “1st LATAM Respiratory Patients Summit” (1ra Cumbre LATAM de Pacientes Respiratorios) was open to patients, patient representatives and patient organizations.

On July 5th, the symposium titled “AAT Deficit: early diagnosis to modify the prognosis” took place, with healthcare professionals and students invited to participate.

On July 6th, the public event “Healthy life, healthy Lungs” (Por la Vida, Pulmones Saludables) aimed to promote public respiratory health among patients, caregivers, family members and the general public, with the opportunity to get an on-site pulmonary test.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Congress here.

For more information on the Fundación Lovexair, please click here.

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