Alpha-1 Global Reveals 2020 Global Hub Centers

Published on February 3rd, 2020

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Alpha-1 Global is proud to announce that three Alpha-1 patient organisations have been selected as Alpha-1 Global Hub Centers. The Alpha-1 Foundation Ireland, Fundación Argentina de Alfa-1, and the Alpha-1 Association of Australia have been selected as the inaugural Hub Centers.

The program was developed to create global resource centers that could provide mentorship, guidance, and support to less established Alpha-1 patient organisations.

Alpha-1 Global is pleased with these selections, as each Hub Center has effectively supported other Alphas and are located in regions that are home to many Alphas. Each Hub Center will serve as a focal point for providing information, direction, mentorship, and support for patients and patient organizations under their jurisdiction, as well as assisting with advocacy, communication, and education efforts.

“This is a tremendous step forward for our global community to formalize collaboration,” said Miriam O’Day, president & CEO of the Alpha-1 Foundation. “The Alpha-1 Global Hub Centers will establish a peer-to-peer network of organisations supporting other organisations with similar goals. This aligns with one of our key strategic objectives, which is to facilitate stakeholder collaboration.”

Additionally, the newly appointed Hub Centers will become members of a new Global Working Group. The Global Working Group will constitute a new oversight committee that will work alongside Alpha-1 Global and replace the existing Global Steering Committee.

This Working Group will have six members, with two members being selected on a rotating basis. The three Hub Centers will vote in the two rotating members. The last seat will belong to a physician that is appointed by the Alpha-1 Foundation.

Alpha-1 Global will work closely with the Hub Centers to determine strategic objectives moving forward in 2020. As Alpha-1 Global’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan is due to conclude at the end of this year, the Hub Centers will be instrumental in providing insight into future Alpha-1 priorities.

For the patient organisations and patients not under a Hub Center’s jurisdiction, Alpha-1 Global will continue to be your main source of support and information. Alpha-1 Global will identify the patient organisations and patients under each Hub Center’s jurisdiction.

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