Alpha-1 Global creates a new Alpha-1 Advocacy Pathway

Published on December 8th, 2020

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We are pleased to announce that over the coming months we will work on updating and restructuring the Alpha-1 Advocacy Pathway on the website of Alpha-1 Global. A new microsite will be set up that will help you to develop or expand your advocacy activities through several steps. Advocacy can help to influence policies that have an impact on the daily lives on Alpha-1 patients. We believe that for Alpha-1 patients, dealing with the symptoms of the disease is a challenge in itself. Policies for diagnosis and treatment should help patients rather than add to these challenges. We hope that many of you will join forces to work towards better circumstances for Alpha-1 patients by using the Advocacy Pathway.

For many people advocacy may be something new, which they have never engaged in. Although it sounds complicated, advocacy activities can be made more simple by following a few steps. Advocacy can be very interesting and, more importantly, bring great results that can improve the way Alpha-1 is diagnosed and treated. This means that your efforts can benefit the entire Alpha-1 patient community!

The briefest definition of advocacy is supporting and arguing for a cause or policy. This is a process that requires preparation and a tailored approach, during which you interact with policymakers to ask for a specific action. The purpose of the Pathway is not only to explain what advocacy is, but also what steps to take to simplify the process and to make sure that you use the most effective methods. The new microsite will set out these steps, guide you through them and help you to develop your own activities.

We will continue to keep the Alpha-1 community updated as we near the launch of the new Advocacy Pathway. In the meanwhile, you can access the existing Pathway to learn tips and strategies on how to become an effective Alpha-1 advocate.

Click here to access the Alpha-1 Advocacy Pathway.

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