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We are in a very exciting time! The membership of the Alpha-1 Association and the Boards of Directors of both the Alpha-1 Association and Alpha-1 Foundation have voted to merge the two organizations. As of July 1, 2014, the activities from both organizations will be under the direction of the Alpha-1 Foundation. Each of the programs that serve our community will move forward and continue to positively impact the quality of life of people affected by Alpha-1.

The Alpha-1 Foundation is committed to finding a cure for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and excited to see the accomplishments that an informed, empowered and engaged patient community will make. We welcome you to visit our website at and ask for your patience as we optimize the site design and content.

Most importantly, we look forward to an open exchange on this global discussion platform and the successes that your shared knowledge, questions, experiences and ideas will create and grow.

Sincere regards,
Karen L. Erickson
Associate Executive Director, Community Engagement

Contact Information

Patient Representative:

Randel Plant




Physician Representative:

Not Available

Access to care

Are free A-1 tests available?   Yesunited-states-of-america

Are serum level tests available?   Yes

Are genotyping tests available?   Not known

Are phenotyping or pi-typing tests available?   Yes

Is augmentation therapy available?   Yes

Which augmentation therapy products are available?   Prolastin-C, Zemaira, Aralast

How is augmentation therapy reimbursed?   Public and private health insurance

Are A-1 treatment centers available?   Yes

Is supplemental oxygen available?   Yes

Are respiratory medications available?   Yes

Is pulmonary rehabilitation available?   Yes

Is Genetic counseling available?   Yes






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