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Big Fat Reference Guide

AlphaNet is a not-for-profit health management organization serving Alphas in the United States and Canada. The Big Fat Reference Guide or “BFRG” is the cornerstone of AlphaNet’s health management and disease prevention program for those diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. It emphasizes education of patients, their families and their healthcare professionals. This is the most comprehensive guide to living with Alpha-1 available anywhere. Ongoing prospective studies monitoring patient outcomes and healthcare use have documented the effectiveness of this program.

This is the most comprehensive guide to living with Alpha-1 available anywhere. Features include medical assessment, testing and treatment, diet and nutrition, activity and fitness, the management of environmental risk factors, coping with Alpha-1, insurance and disability and much more.

For the Healthcare Provider, the BFRG helps in the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of patients with Alpha-1. Be sure to check the BFRG appendices for sample order sheets (for both inpatients and outpatients), treatment plans, and other practical information to facilitate the care of your patients with Alpha-1.

The online Big Fat Reference Guide is quick and easy to use and can be accessed by clicking HERE to register.

Big Fat Reference Guide

Big Fat Reference Guide

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