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Our mission is to develop a collaborative global network of Alpha-1 patient leaders, physicians, and researchers, to increase awareness, detection, and access to care for Alphas around the world.

Alpha Stories

Chronicles From the Front

Nuccia Gatta, President of Alfa-1-At Onlus Italia, has authored the following communication on the current situation in Italy for Alpha-1 patients following the COVID-19 outbreak …

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Karen, living with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Alpha-1)

I am Karen, and I am 46 years old and an elite disabled athlete. Because of my plasma therapy, I can participate in sports, run …

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Geraldine Kelly – Determined to be a Strong Voice

Alpha-1 Foundation Ireland was founded in 2001 by Professor Gerry McElvaney a renowned respiratory consultant and world expert in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.  The Foundation has …

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Marius Ene – Alpha-1 Leader In Action

I know my story is not a spectacular one; it’s kind of a typical story for many Alphas. If someone would have asked me ten …

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Carlos Cambon – Alpha-1 Leader in Action

Hola from Buenos Aires! My name is Carlos Cambón and I am the support group leader of Alpha-1 Argentina. I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin …

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Alan Wooler – Alpha-1 Leader In Action

Alan Wooler from Bakewell, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, is our Alpha-1 Leader in Action for this issue. He and his wife Emma are intimately familiar with …

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Rabiya Taok, Alpha-1 Leader In Action: Determined and Optimistic

Prior to her sudden change in health, Rabiya (42) who lives in Lebanon, described her life as a daily adventure. She was an energetic drama …

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Kiwi Alpha Co-Leaders – Marilyn Black, Val Orchard, Jim Clarke – The Need to Share

Welcome to the bottom of the world and the Alpha-1 Association New Zealand group. In New Zealand we do not have an individual leader but …

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Mariano Pastor – The Unifying Fight of Alpha-1

Mariano Pastor (Madrid, Spain) has been the president of the Spanish Alpha-1 Association since 2011. He was diagnosed with severe COPD in 1996, at the …

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Robert Durlik – Finding Time to Impact His Community

Robert Durlik (Warsaw, Poland) is this Issue’s Alpha-1 Leader in Action. He knows full well the challenges and commitment that is required to bring about …

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