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The Alpha-1 Association of Australia (AAA) was established on 15 June 2005 after recognition of a need to centralise information about Alpha-1 in Australia, and after being inspired by the inaugural Alpha-1 International Patient Congress held in 2003 at Barcelona, Spain. The AAA is a not for profit Health Promotion Charity, registered as such with the Australian Taxation Office.

You’ll find the local website of the AAA at

The information age that we live in presents us with a wonderful opportunity to collaborate globally. The Alpha-1 Global Alliance delivers this opportunity via its global discussion platform. We enthusiastically encourage all who have an interest in Alpha-1 to participate in this discussion platform in order to add value by contributing questions, answers, information, ideas, or food for thought. No matter how insignificant or how important you think your subject of interest may be. If your contribution is about Alpha-1, it’s relevant. It’s the individual contributions of many which will make the discussion platform a global Alpha-1 success story. Well organised communication is key to a cure for Alpha-1. This online discussion platform brings us all into one room, not once every year or two, but 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Steven Knowles, President
Alpha-1 Association of Australia

Contact Information

Patient Representative:

Steven Knowles

Ian Saunders
Alpha-1 Organisation Australia Inc.





Physician Representative:

Not Available

Access To Care

Are free A-1 tests available?   Yesaustralia

Are serum level tests available?   Yes

Are genotyping tests available?  Yes

Are phenotyping or pi-typing tests available?   Yes

Is augmentation therapy available?   Yes, at the patient’s expense

Which augmentation therapy products are available?   Zemaira by CSL Behring, and Prolastin-C by Grifols

How is augmentation therapy reimbursed?   Augmentation therapy expense is not currently reimbursed by the Australian government.

Are Alpha-1 specialists and care treatment centers available?   No

Is supplemental oxygen available?   Yes

Are respiratory medications available?   Yes

Is pulmonary rehabilitation available?   Yes

Is Genetic counseling available by a trained counselor?   Yes

Does your country have an Alpha-1 patient registered charity or NGO (non-government organisation)? Yes

Does your country have a national Alpha-1 registry? No






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